Fleet Management

Complete Fleet Management solutions. Take control of your assets!

Cost-effectiveness, Customer Service and Reliability is the back-bone of a successful modern business..

Adopting a fleet management solution, will help you take control of your company’s vehicles and assets. Optimize the way you used to work until now, by installing a GPS Tracker device and implementing a real time fleet management solution at your company’s workflow. Through our pioneer Tracking Platform software, you will get full access of your vehicles and you will be able to create valuable reports that would increase the productivity of your company.

Reports like: fuel consumption, engine start time, driven miles, speed report and more, would play a critical role at your business optimization and will increase your employees productivity. Our Real Time Fleet Management software in addition with our GPS Tracking Software experts can integrate your existing GPS devices in our platform, in order to get your own GPS tracking solution up and running in no time. We stand behind you on every step of the way as you grow your business.

Adopting a GPS Tracking solution for your fleet, will provide you with unlimited advantages for you and your company. Studies has shown that companies who install a GPS Tracking system, has increased their productivity up to 97%!

Fleet Management Features

Real Time Tracking

Locate & Track your entire fleer in real time, through our Tracking Software

Route History

Learn the exact route your vehicles made. Detailed history report for your fleet.

Valuable Reports

View and download valuable reports about your vehicles and they way the operate.


Increase Employees Productivity up to: 97% 97%
Increase Company Efficiency up to: 91% 91%
Reduce Employee Workload up to: 87% 87%
Reduce Fuel Expenses up to:82% 82%
Reduce Route Delay up to: 78% 78%

Additional Features

Crucial Statistics

Retrieve accurate statistic reports for the driving behaviour of your vehicles.

Fuel Monitoring

Detailed & full control regarding the fuel consumption of your vehicles.

Working hours

Learn what time exactly your drivers start working & actual operating hours of a vehicle.

Automatic Alerts

Create alerts and automatically be notified by SMS or email in case of an emergency.

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