Mobile Tracking

Real Time Mobile Tracking Application

With our pioneer mobile tracking application you will be able to locate your Android mobile phone or a group of mobile phones in real time, directly through our Tracking Platform! Now your mobile phone can be transformed into a GPS Tracker device instant with our application.

Our mobile tracking application support various features like photo sending, live chat communication, SOS alarm and more. Install our tracking application at your company’s mobile business phones and learn the exact location of your employees. Furthermore we have create an additional tracking applications which operates on “incognito mode”. This feature allows you to track and monitor a mobile phone, without getting the attention of the phone user!

Mobile Tracking Features

Control Your Employees

Control your employees with our mobile tracking application. Install our app at your business mobile phones and learn the exact location of your employees.

Live Chat Communication

Our mobile application is integrated with our Tracking Platform. We have design a communication feature that allow you to have a live chat with the user of the mobile phone, directly from your PC.

Incognito Mode

Our mobile tracking application can operate on a incognito mode (secret mobile tracking). This means that the user of the phone, would not be able to identify that his mobile phone is being monitored.

Mobile Tracking Application Screenshots

Tracking Application FAQ

Does you application works on iOS devices?

At the moment our Tracking Application is available only for Android and Windows phone devices.

Does the application require access on the Internet?

Yes our Mobile Tracking Application requires Internet connection in order to work. Through the Internet the application sends the location on our servers.

Does your application require GPS?

If the smart phone has build in GPS antenna, the location would be more accurate. However our applications works with A-GPS too.

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