New Supported Devices!

The pioneer Tracking Software of Tracking Platform has increase its capabilities by supporting more GPS Tracker manufacturers! We are constantly looking for further development on our services, so we add new GPS Tracker protocols! At the moment more than 300 GPS Tracker devices from different manufacturers are supported from our software.

In more details the new supported GPS Tracker manufacturer are:

- AGPS company.
- APK-COM company.
- Aplicom company.
- Aquila Track company.
- AutoFon company.
- C2STEK company.
- Careu Ueco company.
- Detero company.
- Disha company.
- Gosafe G1S company.
- GoTop company.
- IntelliTrac X1 company.
- Oigo Telematics company.
- OKO company.
- Oner company.
- Raveon company.
- Suntech ST600 company.
- TWIG company.
- Totem Tech AT07 company.
- TopTen company.
- Uniguard company.
- Geneko Fox company.
- Navtelecom company.
- Queclink GV75 company.
- Ulbotech company.
- TKSTAR company.
- Teltonika AT company.
- KHD company.
- Gator company.
- iStartek VT206 company.
- iStartek VT600 company.
- Castel OBD company.
- Castel SAT-802 company.
- Minova miTrack company.
- Satellite Solutions company.
- BS Technotronics company.

You can view all the supported GPS Tracker devices of our software here.