Tracking Platform | Software Update |Version 5.0

We are pleased to announce that we have release a new stable version of our Tracking Platform Software. Our clients can enjoy the new version, simply by logging at the Tracking Platform with the same login credentials.

In case you need any further support, please contact us.
Changes on the Web application and user interface

– Changes in places system, which allow to manage big numbers of zones and markers much faster.
– Changes in sensor type percentage and value with calibration table calculations.
– Added direction arrows to history routes.
– Added history control toolbar which lets to turn off route, arrows, stops and events.
– Added possibility to clear detected sensor cache in accuracy settings.
– Added possibility to change signature of email in CPanel.
– Added possibility to create routes under places for object movement control.
– Added route in and out events – Routes can be imported and exported.
– Zone names can be shown instead of addresses in reports.
– Added privileges settings for routes to sub accounts.

Changes on the GPS Tracker Protocols

– Added several new Teltonika sensor parameters
– Added ATrack report id sensor parameter
– Added Visiontek 87VTU protocol
– Added Megastek GVT-369 protocol
– Added Megastek GVT-800 protocol
– New Queclink GL200 protocol
– New Queclink GL300 protocol
– New Queclink GL500 protocol
– New Queclink GT300 protocol
– New Queclink GT500 protocol
– New Queclink GMT100 protocol
– New Queclink GV55 protocol
– New Queclink GV65 protocol
– New Queclink GV300 protocol
– New Queclink GV500 protocol
– Updated Topflytech protocol
– Updated Visiontek 84VTU protocol
– Updated MiniFinder protocol
– Updated Meitrack T322 protocol