Tracking Platform | Software Update |Version 5.1

We are pleased to announce that we have release a new stable version of our Tracking Platform Software. Our clients can enjoy the new version, simply by logging at the Tracking Platform with the same login credentials.

In case you need any further support, please contact us.
Changes on the Web application and user interface

– Changed way how formula is calculated in sensors, now it is possible to enter formula with all math operators like +-/*().
– Added sensor option which lets to sent if it will be visible in popups.
– Possibility to send multiple SMS event notifications to phone numbers separated by comma.
– Solved GUI issues under iOS in Safari web browser.
– Solved font issues under iOS web browsers.
– GUI changes in event properties window.
– Added last hour filter.
– Possibility to change tail color and tail points quantity for every object separately.
– A lot of structure changes in database.
– Solved issues with driver detection.
– Added location filter settings.
– Allows to enter up to 2048 character SMS gateway URLs.
– Minor bug fixes.

Changes on the GPS Tracker Protocols

– Rewritten TCP/IP listener from scratch using newer communication technology.
– Added location filter settings.
– Possibility to change hour interval when to skip old location data.
– Added Yuwei protocol.
– Added GP106M protocol.
– Updated Coban protocol.
– Updated Meiligao protocol.
– Updated Calamp protocol.

Changes on the Mobile Apps
– Support for GPS Tracker WP Windows Phone (Mobile application can be downloaded from Windows Phone Store).
– Support for GPS Tracker iOS (Mobile application can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store).