Tracking Platform | Software Update |Version 6.1

We are pleased to announce that we have release a new stable version of our Tracking Platform Software. Our clients can enjoy the new version, simply by logging at the Tracking Platform with the same login credentials.

In case you need any further support, please contact us.

Changes on the Web application and user interface

-Added RFID and iButton logbook.
-Added RFID and iButton logbook permission settings to sub accounts.
-Added object driver behavior (RAG) report.
-Object passenger list added with import/export tools.
-Driver RFID/iButton changed to Auto assign and Driver assign sensor should be configured to detect drivers by RFID or iButton.
-Trailer Auto assign was added together with Trailer assign sensor to detect trailers by RFID or iButton.
-Trailer settings were extended with RFID and iButton.
-Passenger assign sensor was added to detect passengers by RFID or iButton in RFID and iButton logbook.
-Changes in object control tool which allow to pre-define command templates for GPS device protocols separately.
-Added event triggering in/out of zones, now it is possible to set sos, overspeed, door open or any other event just in exact zones.
-Sudden acceleration and braking events were renamed to Harsh acceleration and braking.
-Added Harsh cornering event.
-Changed Sensor event to Parameter event.
-Added Sensor event, when sensor value depends on pre-defined formula, calibration or percentage configuration.
-Added object history message export to CSV.
-Possibility to turn off odometer and engine hours counters.
-Possibility to set odometer absolute or relative sensor parameter.
-Possibility to set engine hours absolute or relative sensor parameter.
-Object engine idle and sos arrow icons.
-Possibility to add/remove object to/from several user accounts in CPanel using tags.
-Possibility to add/remove several objects to/from user account in CPanel using tags.
-Optimizations in event system.
-Added info tab in object settings, which shows all last device location, prameters and protocol information.
-Added paging to object, group, driver, passenger, trailer, event, template and sub account lists.
-Added delete all groups, drivers, passengers, trailers buttons.
-Added History, Reports, RFID and iButton logbook, Object control, Image gallery and Chat user defaults and permissions to all user accounts.
-Added SMS gateway number filter to CPanel.
-GUI changes and improvements.

Changes on the GPS Tracker Protocols

-Speed improvement between TCP/UDP listeners and database during location uploads.
-Added Digital Systems Tytan protocol.
-Added Orion protocol.
-Added Virus Platinum protocol.
-Added Unknown VT206 protocol.
-Added Unknown G64 protocol.
-Updated BCE J1708 Group parameters .
-Updated Teltonika protocol with harsh acceleration, braking and cornering events from green driving.