Tracking Platform | Software Update |Version 6.2

We are pleased to announce that we have release a new stable version of our Tracking Platform Software. Our clients can enjoy the new version, simply by logging at the Tracking Platform with the same login credentials.

In case you need any further support, please contact us.
Changes on the Web application and user interface

– From now software comes with all available languages
– Added support for Mapbox maps
– Added fast history hide button to history view panel
– If user account is deactivated user session expires event if user is not logged out
– Changes in CPanel user account mass email sending tool, which allows to send messages to all or selected user accounts
– User account and object multi selection support added in CPanel, possibility to delete several user accounts and objects as once
– GUI changes

Changes on the GPS Tracker Protocols

– Added Geneko Fox protocol
– Added Navtelecom protocol
– Added Queclink GV75 protocol
– Added Ulbotech protocol
– Added TKSTAR protocol
– Added Teltonika AT protocol
– Added KHD protocol
– Added Gator protocol
– Added iStartek VT206 protocol
– Added iStartek VT600 protocol
– Added Castel OBD protocol
– Added Castel SAT-802 protocol
– Added Minova miTrack protocol
– Added Satellite Solutions protocol
– Added BS Technotronics protocol
– Added Unknown STL060 protocol
– Added Unknown PT3000 protocol
– Updated Coban protocol
– Updated Concox GT02 protocol
– Updated Ruptela protocol
– Updated Fifotrack protocol
– Updated Bofan protocol
– Updated Meiligao protocol
– Updated Unknown T0024 protocol