Tracking Platform | Software Update |Version 6.3

We are pleased to announce that we have release a new stable version of our Tracking Platform Software. Our clients can enjoy the new version, simply by logging at the Tracking Platform with the same login credentials.

In case you need any further support, please contact us.
Changes on the Web application and user interface

– Software source codes were converted to use MySQLi, that makes it more stable and faster
– Support for custom WMS map servers configurable directly from CPanel
– Custom WMS map servers configuration in CPanel
-Added duration from last event in minutes settings which helps to ignore multiple same events in set period of time
– Added object status with moving, stopped and offline time details
– Added min. engine idle speed in km/h which affects engine idle status to object accuracy settings
– Added zone measurement in acres, hectare, sq meters and kilometers
– Added area measurement tool
– Added daylight saving time (DST) user defaults to CPanel
– Added possibility to choose which page will open (account or CPanel) after Administrator or Manager login
– Added map startup position settings, possible options: default, last position and fit objects
– Added event triggering in/out of routes, now it is possible to set sos, overspeed, door open or any other event just in exact routes
– Added history route snap to road feature
– Possibility to create e-mail and SMS templates for different languages
– Devices which report to server, but are not added to any account log added under name “Unused object list” to CPanel
– Added protocol and port column to CPanel object list
– Added daylight saving time (DST) settings to user account
– Extended object add and edit dialog in CPanel with more options
– Added user account permission settings to allow or not object editing in CPanel
– Added use server SMS Gateway to user defaults in CPanel

Changes on the GPS Tracker Protocols

– Parameter events are now working even if there is no position data
– Added AGPS protocol
– Added Totem Tech AT09 protocol
– Added i-Trac protocol
-Added Concox GT300 protocol
– Added Ruptela extended protocol support
– Added APK-COM protocol
– Added Aplicom protocol
– Added Aquila Track protocol
– Added AutoFon protocol
– Added C2STEK protocol
– Added Careu Ueco protocol
– Added Detero protocol
– Added Disha protocol
– Added Gosafe G1S protocol
– Added GoTop protocol
– Added protocol for image upload between protocols and web application
– Added image upload for Fifotrack protocol
– Added i-Trac A1 protocol
– Added Suntech ST500 protocol
– Added IntelliTrac X1 protocol
– Added Oigo Telematics protocol
– Added OKO protocol
– Added Oner protocol
– Added Raveon protocol
– Added Suntech ST600 protocol
– Added TWIG protocol
– Added Totem Tech AT07 protocol
– Added TopTen protocol
– Added Uniguard protocol
– Added Unknown 056 protocol
– Added Unknown HW18 protocol
– Added Xexun XE watch protocol
– Updated ATrack protocol
– Updated Detero protocol
– Updated IntelliTrac X1 protocol
– Updated BCE protocol
– Updated Meiligao protocol
– Updated iStartek VT600 protocol
– Updated Teltonika AT protocol
– Updated Teltonika FM protocol
– Updated Teltonika GH protocol
– Updated Gosafe protocol, now it supports OBDII data
– Updated VT206 protocol
– Updated Ulbotech protocol