Xexun now supported!

The pioneer Tracking Software of Tracking Platform has increase its capabilities by supporting more GPS Tracker manufacturers! We are constantly looking for further development on our services, so we add new GPS Tracker protocols! At the moment more than 300 GPS Tracker devices from different manufacturers are supported from our software.

We are glad to announce that through a successful common partnership, GalileoSky GPS tracker devices are now supported from our pioneer online tracking software. More precise the GPS Tracker models of GalileoSky that are supported thorough our software are:

  • Xexun TK102/TK102-2
  • Xexun TK103/TK103-2
  • Xexun TK107
  • Xexun TK201
  • Xexun TK202
  • Xexun TK203
  • Xexun XT008
  • Xexun XT009
  • Xexun XT013

All our new and/or existing customers who want to add their GalileoSky devices on our software, can configure them on the following way:

Port: 12300

If you have any difficulty configuring your GPS Tracker device or you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.